What I teach

For better or for worse, I am an IB-teacher. I am bound by very specific syllabuses, designed in the halls of educational power far away in foreign lands. I must prepare my students for a final examination which I am not allowed to see and which is graded by complete strangers.
While the contents of the courses is tightly restricted, I am free to experiment with different strategies of instruction. My high school is well-equipped with everything a teacher needs, including good technology, supportive leadership, and students who are good at heart, if not always diligent at homework.
I know that I am priviledged to be where I am.

I teach: 

  • Mathematical Studies - lower difficulty, aimed at students interested in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Mathematics Standard Level and Higher Level - higher difficulties, aimed at students interested in natural sciences and pure mathematics.

  • Psychology Standard Level and Higher Level - more ambitious than the courses I took in college.

  • Extended Essay in Psychology -  a lengthy argumentative essay which constitutes the students' major written assignment.

Each course (except the EE) spans the two final years of high school.